Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am back at writing on my blog. In case you are wondering, this is not part of a New Years Resolution either. After running the marathon, I decided that I would take off December to eat, drink, sleep and relax as much as my little heart desired. Like a little chipmunk preparing for winter I ate all sorts of things that I don't normally eat such as cheeseburgers and martinis and cheese fries. YUM! And as a consquence I've packed on a few pounds. My belly is all soft - like a bowl full of jelly!

To be honest here, I am a bit dismayed about the effects of last months binge. Finding a dress for New Years Eve - from my closet full of dresses - was not an easy task. Few fit right and those that did, dug into my skin or made me self-conscious of trouble areas. But the way I look at the past month is that what can be done in one month can be undone in one month too. Seriously, all is not lost. After all, I enjoyed some fine Christmas ham, some heavenly Christmas cookies and the best french fries in all of New York City.

This brings me to the new spin I am going to put on my blog this year. I know it's called Amanda Runs New York, but this year, I am going to stop writing love stories about running, and focus more on healthy living.

The focus on healthy living is two fold: first, many people have asked me how I lost weight and so I would like to share the wisdom that I have learned, and second, because two holiday trips to the grocery stores in Michigan have shocked me into realizing that there is a serious misconception about what it means to eat healthy.

So this year, I will share healthy recipes and tips about how to deal with temptations for bad food, how to eat while on vacation or for special occasions, and a lot of tricks and tools that you can use to eat healthy. Most importantly, I want to dispell the idea that eating healthy means that you need to be hungry and deprived.

Happy New Year!

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