Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forget all your cares and go, downtown

Today marks my first double digit run of the year. I'm not going to play any games today or try any new tricks. Just a nice flat run down memory lane. All I've got with me on my run today is some water on my fuel belt, money, Metro Card, my keys, and my music.Just me, the sun, the songs and the wind.
Here's the route I'm taking and a few adaptations depending on where you start below.

This ten miler is best for those who live on the 4/5/6 line. Just pick a starting point on the 4/5/6 between 59th and 110th, then run to 5th avenue. If you are starting below my starting point at 85th Street, for every two blocks lower you start, cut across the park 1 block sooner. So if you start at 65th Street, then cut across the park at 100th Street.

If you live on the West Side, then tack on an extra 3 miles by running over the Brooklyn Bridge and that back on the Manhattan.

The ending point is the Brooklyn Bridge stop, so you can take just about any subway train you want home. Or you can grab a nice open faced sandwich or a delicous pastry at Le Pain Quotidien on Warren Street.

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