Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eight and A Half Miles through Central Park and Riverside Park

I love Central Park. I really do. But when I run there every day, I need a change of pace. So here's my last long-short run route. I'm taking it out of the park and over to the West Side.

The course starts by the MET and follows Central Park Drive East to the 72nd Street Transverse. Then I'm taking 72nd Street to Riverside Park where I will run in the park up to 110th Street. At 110, I'll turn around but I'll run back on the Riverwalk path, by cutting under the West Side Highway to the path that runs on the boardwalk.

From there it's straight down to 65th Street, right behind the Trump Buildings and then running up the huge hill, and across to the Park. Once I reach Central Park, I'm going to jump on the Bridle Path and follow that north to the Reservoir. I'll run across the bottom of the Reservoir and back to the MET.

Voila! 8.45 miles all before work even starts.

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