Thursday, October 7, 2010

Staten Island Half Marathon

Uh oh! I haven't worked out since Monday. What gives?

Well, the Staten Island Half-Marathon is this weekend, and I'm tapering for the race. What exactly does tapering mean?

Tapering means...

good sleep

eating lots of carbs (65%-75% of my calories)

mentally visualizing the race

making plans to get to Staten Island at 8am on a Sunday

resting my legs

taking a break from exercising

buying new running shoes

listening to inspirational music

getting excited about racing

Out of the park, away from the Upper East Side, and passing by the starting point for the New York Marathon, this race should be fun and inspirational. It's been over a year since I ran a half-marathon and in that time, I've trained so much more, and I would love the chance to tackle this distance again.

Also, Sunday is 10-10-10. Sounds like a good luck date to me!

Staten Island here I come!

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