Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reading List

Long before I can remember, when I was too little to know my letters from my numbers, my mom and dad would crawl into bed with me and read me a story.
To this day, I can't fall asleep unless I read something. Even now, I still read at least one page or scroll through Facebook status updates (YES! that counts as reading) on my Blackberry before finally, finally, shutting my eyes.

To that end, I thought that I would share what I've really enjoyed reading over the past few days.

Book: 'Too Big to Fail' by Andrew Ross Sorkin - trust me, it's awesome, though I might be biased since I work in this industry. But I think it is actually a great read even if you don't work in the industry because it's not really about the technical details and more about the people - which is always interesting.

Magazine: Right now, an old Newsweek and the latest Elle magazine.

News website: Always, and - between these two babies I get my dose of gossip, research and current events. But this week, I spent some time on the NY Observer as well.

Blogs: See my blog roll (the right side bar on my page) for the list of blogs I read daily. I like to follow the comments and find new blogs to read too. The blogs I read everyday are:

ChoosingRaw: If you have ever struggled with eating healthy, this is your blog. Yes, it's about a raw diet, but peppered in between articles on raw walnut cheese and collard greens wraps, are articles on encouragement and inspiration for those *trying* to live a healthier live - vegan, raw, or not.

Loves Veggies & Yoga: Averie is also a raw foodist, but she has a lot of great cooked recipes too. In fact, every single post is littered with links to recipes, all of which are pretty simple and irresistable looking.

No Meat Athlete: Again a vegetarian site about running, he has a lot of well researched articles on training and eating. I highly recommend this site for runners (or endurance athletes) and/or vegetarians.

Some of the best things I've read on the web lately:

The Pioneer Woman's Sisters Photography Contest

Gena from's post for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The comments are as powerful as the post.

A sad and funny story from This is her best one that I've read to date.

The Diet Book Junkie's post "Facebook: is it making up happier or making us feel like crap?"

Grub Street's theory on why people will wait for not-so-great food.

Now that Jersey Shore is the top five shows on TV, everyone can get understand why Manhattan might want to set traps for the B&T crowd.

No Meat Athlete's post on why failure might be a good thing.

What are you reading these days? Do you have a favorite blog or website that you have to check every day?

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