Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Short but Meaningful Life of the Marathoner's Sneaker

It started out as a little ache in my right foot and became a dull pain in my hamstring, before finally stopping me in my tracks when my left knee started throbbing.

Had the running finally gotten to me?

Was this half-marathon training schedule too intense?

Nope. All I needed was a new pair of running shoes.

The latest pair were bought about six weeks before the marathon and I ran two 20 milers on them, plus all the other workouts in between. Running shoes only last about 300-400 miles, and for me it's closer to the 300 mile mark.

So, that night I left work at six o'clock on the dot and headed to the running store.

"One of these, please," I said to the store clerk waving my favorite running shoe in the air.

"Would you like to try them on?"

"No thanks. I have five pairs of them already," and with that I got my sixth pair of running shoes in a year.

So what exactly happens to all those sneakers? Well, they start off looking all clean and fluffy.

Then put them on your feet, run all over Manhattan, and Brooklyn too, just for fun.

Don't forget to jump in the puddles when running around the reservoir.

Check out how much the entire rubber sole has been compressed and worn down.

They started out looking like this.

Stick sweaty feet inside them every day. (The ones on top are the new ones, with the old orthodics in them.)

Download the best running songs...

Check all the stress and worries at the door...

And just run.

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