Thursday, July 28, 2011

Music Mondays on Thursday...oops!

So you already know that I love remixes.

I love to change things up. In sixth grade I got a perm.

What? You wanted to see pictures of that? There is a reason they don't exist.

However, that doesn't mean that I've forsaken change forever. After all, I have given up side pony tails, baggy clothing, and the Babysitter's Club books.

Sometimes, change is just what is needed. These songs might help you understand. It's my round two of remixes.

The list starts off with a punk-modern flavor and moves to a more house like vibe.

Stop Me (Kissy Sell Out remix) by Mark Ronson & Daniel Merriweather

Favorite Colour (Punches Remix) by Tokyo Police Club

Telephone (Kaskade extended remix) by Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Your visits are getting shorter (Optothetic remix) by Bloc Party

The original song literally fueled every run last year (and still gets me going to this day), and now I have a remix to love too:
Dogs Days are Over (Breakage remix) by Florence + the Machine

That's not my name (L.A. Riots Remix) by the Ting Tings

Alejandro (Kleerup remix) by Lady Gaga

Summer of Love (Ian Carey Remix) by Sunloverz

Angel on My Shoulder (EDX Radio Edit) by Kaskade

And this about sums up my favorite remixes.

I know change is hard. It is hard. Really Hard.

But I hope that these songs prove that change can sometimes be a good thing.

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