Thursday, September 30, 2010

A 3.75 Mile Run in Central Park

Here's a nice 3.75 mile run in Central Park.

Start at the corner of 60th and 5th Avenue. Just west of the intersection is East Drive, a road which runs through the park. It's not the entrance way that is lined with pretty benches, the road is right next to this entrance.

Take East Drive north until you get to the light. At the light, veer right, staying on East Drive. You will probably see a bunch of runners and cyclers following this same route.

Stay on East Drive until you go past the MET. You should pass The Central Park Boathouse, go up on big, twisting hill, and the Obelisk.

As soon as you pass the MET, there will be a little path on the left side. Follow this path into the park, around the top and west side of the Great Lawn, until you get to the Delacorte Theater. Take the path that's north of the Delacorte Theater west towards the Hudson River. Make a left onto West Drive.

Now follow West Drive south past Tavern on the Green and the 72nd Street Transverse, around the bottom of the park and back to your starting point. That's almost four miles. If you want to an even four in, run from the traffic light to the park entrance and back one more time.

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