Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Music Monday

It's ironic that a day anointed with the word "labor" is all about doing anything but...

Most labor days, I pass the time being completely useless, lazy, and just a little bit gluttonous.

- and with rightful reason.

The official end of summer isn't until September 22nd, it might as well be over for all intents and purposes.

The pools are closed, school has started, football has kicked off and fashion week is beckoning. It's fall, even if it isn't official according to the calendar.

So this Monday's music is in memoriam to summer. The summer that was this year and every year.

Isn't funny how every summer is it's own spectacle and yet with the pools, suns, beaches, barbeques, vacations, humidity, sand, air conditioning, mosquito bites, and sun burns, it's always the same, no matter when and where you are.

So it's no surprise that summer is about juicy, groovy, little tunes that you can dance to with a margarita in hand and a little sundress.

Ritual Union by Little Dragon

Pretty Little Penthouse (Produced by Brenton Duvall) by Tayyib Ali

White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons

Time for What You Want (Ft Biggie and Semisonic) by Brenton Duvall

Pictures (Tonite Only Remix) by Sneaky Sound System

Obsessions (Ocelet remix) by Marina & the Diamonds

Hello by Martin Solveig & Dragonette

Skinny Love by Bon Iver

On a macro level, I have no idea what these songs mean about summer. I just discovered them this summer and so for me, these songs mean summer 2011.

Adios Summer! Hola Fall!

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