Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Questions for Bloggers

After over a year of working with Blogger I've finally decided to make the transition to Wordpress.  Blogger has done well by me but it's cookie cutter themes and limited customization have finally gotten to me.  It's still a great platform for a beginning blogger and I'd recommend it to any newbie who asks.  

My new site will be amandarunsny.com and it's up but it's totally not ready yet.  You can go ahead and take a  peek if you want, but don't be surprised when it....underwhelms you.  I'm sorry.  I'm having some problems. 

I read a lot of blogs; I'd say that on a daily basis I read between twenty and thirty regular blogs.  My blog roll does not reflect what I read daily anymore.  But you know you are one of my favorites, if I comment on your posts every few days.  After my favorites, I click around and read other random blogs, sometimes book marking one that I really like.  

I need some help from all of you bloggers out there!  How can I get help with Wordpress?  Is there a book I can read?  Do you just google things?  Or does the Wordpress help section actually, ummmm, help?

Also, how do you get custom headers?  What I mean by custom headers are something like what you would see on loveveggiesandyoga.com, pure2raw.com, or cleaneatingchelsey.com?  These look like they are designed by a graphic designer...as opposed to simply uploading a photo and using standard text?  Or something like ohsheglows.com with a photo but custom text?  

Any and all advice, you fancy, super-smart, really awesome bloggers could give me would be really appreciated.  Because I have no idea what I'm doing, clearly.  

(Although, I did figure out how to get a snazzy new email address, so if you don't want to comment or have too much to say, you can email me at amanda@amandarunsny.com!)  


  1. I love WordPress---and found their help section to be very, well, helpful. Granted, my blog is far from "professional," but I just find their entire site to be very user friendly!

  2. Thanks for the advice Hillary! I am working with their help section and it does seem to be doing the trick.