Monday, September 26, 2011

Silence on Music Mondays

Seeing as how I'm the type of person who has regular blog feature about music, you'd think that I couldn't even take two steps without plugging into my music.

And for a long time, that's exactly how things worked.  The iPod's not charged?  Well, I guess I'll do my run after work and a good charging session?  The speakers aren't working right?  Let's take a detour by Duane Reade to grab a replacement set.  The battery died mid-run.  Time to count every step all the way back home.

For years and years, running and music went together likes peas in a pod for me.  Until one day it didn't.  That day I was running with my Garmin and obsessively monitoring my splits.  Near the end of every mile, I would stare at my watch so intently to catch the split that in hindsight I'm really surprised I didn't trip or run someone over.  And then the little 'pod died, and it was just me and Garmin for over five quiet miles.

Or, more like five fast miles.

That run ended up being one of my fastest of the summer.  I guess it turns out that the reason I love running to music, is also the reason I shouldn't always run to music: it's a distraction.

This past week, I ran once without an iPod and a second time, I voluntarily shut it down mid run and ran to the beat of my heart and breath.  But that doesn't mean that I don't still like a good song.  There is nothing like a new song to get the blood flowing, but this week all my headphone free runs left my music collection lacking.

This week I'm listening to:

All Night Long (feat. Missy Elliot & Timberland) by Demi Lovato

Lay 'Em Down by the Outsiders

We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) by Rihanna

Bulletproof (Dave Aude Cherry Radio remix) by La Roux

Question Existing by Rihanna

What are you listening to this week?



  1. I never listen to music while running, strangely! I just love hearing what's going on around me. I'm so lame when it comes to music lately, but I've been listening to Colbie Caillat's new album a lot, and of course Adele. WIth a little Jay Z here and there.

  2. I'm learning to love listening to what's going around me too! Plus, it helps me run faster too. I have lots of Adele and Jay-Z on my playlist, but I'm going to have to check out Colbie Caillat's new album. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. i don't listen to music while running. i like listening to what's around me especially the wind~ :3 but i can't work without music. hahaha