Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Quiet Time

Week two of taper is here and the marathon is only twelve days away. Now it's really time for me to rest and relax.

Despite all the positive health benefits that running has brought to my life, marathon training has been tough. I'm starting to suffer from IT Band Syndrome, and I am plagued with phantom pains and aches like never before. I'm not sure if its my body or the human body but at some point this marathon training has become just about all that my body can handle.

The effects of training are starting to bleed into other areas of my life. I'm so tired that I can't stay up late anymore and I can't fit into a few pairs of my high heels because my feet have either grown or they are swollen all the time now.

But as much as I know that I need this rest, it gets boring after a while. I mean how many movies can I really watch? So I have some things planned to break up the monotony, including a trip to the spa and a day of painting pottery. I'm also going to spend some time cooking and baking.

Only twelve more days....

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