Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wings at My Feet - The Marathon Racing Shoe

Marathon Taper time is here and aside from all the relaxation and meditation that I'm supposed to engage in, it's also SHOPPING TIME!

Ok, so it's really not shopping time, but it's time for me to get together all the gear that I need for the marathon, and if I don't have something, I would of course need to buy it. So this really isn't the fun, glamorous shopping we do on 5th Avenue, unless of course the running store makes you giddy, but with all the running stores and specialty sports stores in New York City, it's definitely not boring.

All year, I've been running in a pair of light Brooks running shoes, and a few months ago at the running store, I was introduced to a light pair of racing shoes called Launch from Brooks. They are pretty flimsy and only last 100-200 miles (in marathon training speak that would be two to five weeks), so I didn't buy them, but now that I'm tapering, I'm going to start rotating those shoes with my current, sturdier pair.

I've been dreaming about these new shoes for the last two months, and tonight, I finally get to realize this dream. I know what you are thinking. New shoes that weight only six ounces less are not going to help me out. But in the big, bad world of marathons every little thing counts. And six ounces after twenty miles can feel like sixty pounds.

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