Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Half Marathon Training Plan

The other day, I woke up and found that I missed the West Side Highway. I missed the roar of cars next to me, and the occasional helicopter landing ten feet away.

I missed the cool breezes off the Hudson River, getting passed by the Columbia Track team twice, watching the health conscious doing yoga in the Hudson River Park, and all the dogs, the kids, and the runners.

Yep, after two years of spending at least one weekend day on the West Side logging double digit miles, can you believe that I haven't been there once this year?

Oh I haven't missed it that much. After all, I've been taking trips, enjoying late nights out and late mornings in, and eating all sorts of things that I would never eat before big runs.

But the time has come to leave my wonton ways behind - okay, maybe not completely.

I'm going to be following some variation of this plan from Runner's World.

I will be posting some more on my training but for now, I've got to run.


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