Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prince Harry Comes to New York

On Sunday, as part of my ten races I plan to run this year, I ran a five-miler in Central Park: the Achilles Hope & Possibility. The race was in a word…AWFUL.

The air was heavy and hot, and I was completely unprepared for the race. It’s true; I’ve been slacking. During the race, I felt like I was melting, and I probably did lose a few pounds on the course in sweat. At the water stations, I drank half my glass of water and dumped the rest on my forehead and down my back.

Yet for all my complaining, there was a group of Orthodox Jewish girls running the race in knee length skirts over leggings, long sleeved t-shirts, and a scarf over their hair. There were also all of the Achilles team members there too - some missing a limb, others wheel-chair bound, and some on the hand-cycles. Seeing these two groups of people reminded me that a little bit of sweat isn’t going to kill me, and I certainly shouldn’t use it as an excuse to slow down.

Prince Harry also came to the race and ran it. Then afterwards, he headed over to Governors Island to play in a polo match. I got a glimpse of him and he is so cute with his red cheeks and matching hair. Some other well-known people ran too - including Governor Patterson, Cindy McCain and daughter, and the Central Park Jogger. So I guess the appearance of cute British princes balanced out my sorry performance. Nonetheless, I’m amping up my training anyway, so I don’t embarass myself in front of any more famous people. (because they care about how I do, okay?)

A recipe and music to come later.

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