Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Songs on Repeat Since 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but not because I’ve forgotten about writing this blog. I love writing it! A lot has been going on these past few weeks: I started a new job and went home for my lovely cousin’s wedding. But now I’m back in New York and back in the groove of things.

Speaking of grooving, I’ve lost my beloved iPod. I left it at home in Michigan or maybe it’s just lost in my luggage somewhere. Thankfully, all my music is on my computer so my music isn’t lost at least. In fact, I still have the old ‘pod, so for my run this morning, I pulled it out and listened to my Queens Half Marathon playlist.

It’s great to listen to an old playlist and remember how I found that song or particular moment when it literally pushed me another mile. Here are some highlights from the list and my stories behind them.

Millionaire (feat. Andre 3000) by Kelis – Heard this song many a morning, getting ready at the gym. It’s a great beat to run to and to rev up for another day of making money.

Shove it (feat. Spank Rock) by Santigold – I fell in love with Santigold last summer thanks to Gossip Girl. There I’ve admitted it. I love Gossip Girl. But hey, don’t judge, because even Jay-Z love’s this beat as he ripped off the chorus for one of his songs.

Hot Revolver by Lil Wayne – I was so used to hearing Lil Wayne rap, that this rock song really knocked me off my feet. I like the way it starts slow and amps up. It’s a nice little boost.

Chords by Kleerup – I’m not much of a fan of music without words, but this song is almost meditative. It has a nice beat which I always seem to run in step to.

Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keyes) by Jay-Z – This song came out right before my race and I downloaded it before it was all over everywhere. There is nothing quite like a song about NY to help me run NY.

Pjanoo (Club Mix) by Eric Prydz – When I first downloaded this song, I mistakenly pronounced it “PA-JAN-O”. Oh dear, it’s really piano. Oh well, it still rocks.

Little Bit by Lykke Li – I have a theory that the songs I like to run with work because the beat must tap into some sort of internal rhythm which puts my breathing and running in perfect harmony. This song is an example of a song where the beat just gets me going, despite the mellow tone.

La La La by LMFAO – LMFAO featured often on my runs last year and this one was good enough to make the all-star team: the half playlist.

Listening to that old list was like reconnecting with an old friend. Most times in my day to day runs, I’m just focused on the moment, struggling through the heat or fatigue of that second. But it reminded me of how much fun I had running that half marathon, and how much more fun I’m going to have running a marathon – or perhaps, how much fun I’ll have celebrating it!

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