Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Songs on Repeat Week of July 5

I could really get used to this not working thing. This morning I woke up, made myself a nice cup of coffee and then did some lower body strength training exercises while watching Regis & Kelly. Today’s show featured Steve Carrell and a very fabulous pair of shoes on Kelly’s feet. I’m pretty sure her shoes are not in my budget (well maybe if I give up food for a month?), but I wanted to find out about them anyway. So after I made myself a yummy uncooked chipotle burrito (recipe to be shared later), I logged onto the Regis & Kelly website in search of her shoes.

Sadly they post her wardrobe on a day lag, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what she was wearing, but I did stumble upon something even more amazing and much more budget friendly: a playlist. My first scan of the list immediately got me excited. There were no artists on the list who are still in high school, plus lots of remixes, and Nelly Furtado, Madonna, and Beyonce, oh my!

Here’s her Funky Fun Workout Playlist for you to check out. I’m downloading a bunch of these songs for my runs this week and I’ve embedded the music video for the Beyonce song because it’s my favorite. Did you know that diva is the female version of a hustler? Thanks Kelly!

Kelly’s Funky Fun Workout Playlist
Sinnerman - Nina Simone (Felix Da Housecat remix)
Morning After Dark - Timbaland (featuring Nelly Furtado)
Diva - Beyonce (Karmatronic Club remix)
The One - Mary J. Blige (featuring Drake)
Naturally - Selina Gomez
Imma Be - Black Eyed Peas
Jump - Flo Rida (featuring Nelly Furtado)
Jump - Madonna (Extended remix)
Celebration - Madonna (Oakenfold remix)
Brokeback Mountain Theme - Gustavo Santaolalla & Gabriel & Dresden (The Wings remix)

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